Vegan Car Rental: Are Car Rentals Vegan Friendly?

Though this is not something most people consider, for vegans renting a car is not a simple matter of looking for a deal or choosing the car which best suits their needs.

Veganism is on the rise today, gaining more and more followers every day from all walks of life. A lot of celebrities, especially, have declared their veganism publicly, such as Lewis Hamilton, Brad Pitt and Beyonce to name a few.

But what does driving or renting a car have to do with veganism?

Is there such thing as a vegan-friendly car?

The simply answer is: yes. The more complicated one is: almost. Audi, for example, have published details about what would be he first certified vegan car, namely the e-Tron GT.

However it is not very likely that anyone will see the Audi e-Tron GT on your average car rental catalog for quite a long time, as the initial model of the GT will be rather expensive and accordingly impractical for a the sort of budget holiday rental that most vacationers are looking for.

For wealthier celebrity vegans, on the other hand, the GT might be just right.

So what is it exactly that makes the e-Tron vegan friendly?

While vegans in general have strong views on the environment, and would generally opt for a car with low emissions if not a hybrid or electric model, veganism more precisely is about cruelty to animals in the forms of eating meat or dairy products, or making clothing out of animal skin.

The e-Tron GT claims to have a “vegan” interior which uses synthetic leather in order to give it a luxury ambiance without relying on genuine leather.

But although Audi seems keen on highlighting this vegan interior, actually Tesla, the all-electric car manufacturers have been offering the same vegan interior since 2017, with the seats coming vegan as standard, and the steering wheel likewise on request.

Unfortunately a Tesla cannot currently be rented through A2B Car Rentals, though as the electric car rental market develops it they may gradually become a viable option.

Though most people may not think twice about what their cars are made from, it is common for car interiors to include a number of animal-based products (leather being the primary one).

Luxury cars in particular will come with either full or half leather seats, leather steering wheels, leather gear knobs or dashboard covers.

And in addition to leather, if you look further into the matter, you will find that many of the glues used to make cars contain animal-based products as well.

Vegan Friendly Car Rental

If you are concerned about being kind to animals when renting a car, the best thing you can do right off the bat is stay away from premium or luxury car models, since these are the ones in which you will be most likely to find leather seats and other accessories (and this will save you money to boot).

However this is just a start, as even some modest rental cars can still include things like leather steering wheels or gear knobs.

Here are some of the things you need to consider in more detail:

Seats – most premium models will have either full or half leather seats

Interiors – Even mid-range models will sometimes have things like leather steering wheels and gear knobs

Premium – Luxury models like BMW, Jaguar, or Mercedes will often include all-leather interiors as standard

Since the Audi e-Tron GT will most likely remain out of reach for the average car renter for some time, most of us will have to settle for a non-certified, relatively vegan-friendly rental car.

If this is something that concerns you but are having trouble identifying which non-certified rental car will be most vegan-friendly, our qualified customer service representatives are ready to help you.

However, do keep in mind that while we can advise you on the best vegan-friendly choice, this does not mean that we can guarantee the exact specifications of the car you will actually receive, as this is out of our power.

We can however advise you about how to choose the model most likely to fit your needs within a given rental class and location.

Finally, if at the time when you collect the rental car, you find to your dismay that it does have a leather interior or steering wheel, you may request for the rental agent to swap your car for a different model if one is available.


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