Sydney Car Hire:- tips for collecting and returning your hire car

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Collecting your hire car

1) Upgrades

It is possible that a Sydney car hire company will offer an upgrade to a larger vehicle.

There’s no reason not to accept it as long as you aren’t asked for more money. In general the car rental company will make this offer if the size of the vehicle that you booked is not available.

The fault here lies with the company, not you, and they are legally obligated to provide you with what you have paid for, or else they will be in breach of contract.

Because of this, they should not ask you for any extra fee and if they do you have the right to refuse.

If, on the other hand, you are given a smaller car than the one you have paid for, then you should get a refund and have the right to ask for one.

2) Insurance

Without a doubt you will be asked if you’d like to pay for additional insurance.

If you are sure that you are already covered through other means, then go in prepared to stand your ground and resist any negotiation.

In many cases customers who opt for the third party insurance wind up being told that it is not valid anyway, so if you’re sure you’re covered already then there is really no point in paying for anything extra.

3) Damage

Check the car for any damage right away, and if you do find any then make sure that it is already documented in the paperwork given to you.

If not, make sure you ask a staff member to get it documented so that you won’t be put at fault for it later on.

It’s also a good idea to get some photos so you can prove that this is what the car looked like before you got your hands on it.

Returning your hire car

1) Damage

It’s best, in order to be safe from future allegations, to have an employee check the car for any new damage and then – if there isn’t – get a signed receipt which states that there is nothing extra for you to pay.

2) Fuel

Make sure the tank has at least as much fuel as it did when you picked it up, otherwise the company will charge you a refilling fee beyond the price of the gas itself.

3) Surprise fees

If you end up getting hit with charges you weren’t expecting, you should ask for an explanation along with documentation to back it up.

If you don’t feel satisfied with the explanation you get for the extra money charged on your card, you can inform the company that this extra money has been taken “under protest”, and then tell your credit card company about the issue.

You can also make a claim against your card provider in accordance with the Consumer Credit Act.

Alternatively, if you paid using a debit card you can ask the card company to reverse the payment using the charge back system.

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