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A2B Car Rental Is Sydney’s Premier Car Hire Company

Need to rent a car in Sydney? Our company, A2B Car Rentals, is aimed at providing reliable and quality services to all our customers. The prices are also affordable to all. It is Sydney’s premium car hire company. Additionally, it is the fastest growing rental car company in Australia.

Here are some pointers or tips that customers need to know when hiring a vehicle.

Minimum Risks

There are several methods you can make use of to minimise risks. Below are some of the most important ones you can apply in your daily activities.

1. Carry out enough research. You can easily achieve this by contacting the company directly if you have any questions. They should be able to provide you with the most updated terms of contract and any other underlying conditions.

2. Make use of other relevant sources such as travel sites while researching.

3. Avoid using guide books at all costs. These will have outdated information that will create confusion.

4. Contact the local tourist bureau for information regarding any car hire company. You can also make use of the Department of Fair Trading site where you will find a list of companies that have been banned or received hefty fines. Moreover, contact the customer care services from the Department of Fair Trading where you can be assisted directly.

5. Before accepting a vehicle, inspect it thoroughly. You can either accept it or decline it depending on your level of satisfaction with it. Always negotiate for a better rate.

6. Identify any dents, scratches or any issues that the vehicle may have. Give a report to the company showing all these problems before leaving the premises.

7. Ensure that you receive a copy of this report and store it safely.

8. It is important that you carefully read and understand the T&C.

9. If you are planning to make use of a car ferry, ensure that your T&C permits you to do so.

10. You should not expect your car to be repaired immediately if you are planning on taking long trips especially in areas that have low population.

11. Remember that a vehicle could breakdown unexpectedly despite having routine maintenance on it.

12. You should consider taking photos of the car as soon as you deliver it back to the car hire company. This serves as evidence to show the state of the car at the time of delivery.

Stand-Alone Rental Vehicle Excess Insurance

You could buy a separate excess reduction policy before you pick up the car you hired. However, this is an expensive method which will not be of much benefit to you. Luckily, stand-alone car hire expenses are way cheaper.

They will cover any damages on the care while reducing the excess rate to zero. In case of theft or an accident, you will not pay any extra amount of fee. Additionally, minor damages such as windscreen or tire damage are covered in stand-alone policies which is excluded in rental car companies.

Travel And Credit Card Insurance

Many people are of the thought that their travel or credit card insurance covers any claims regarding a hired vehicle such as an accident. This however is not true. The individual who hires the car is liable to paying for any damages if they cause an accident.

Mileage and General Condition

There are several limitations to using the hired car. For example, not being able to ferry a car or driving on certain roads. Therefore, it is advisable that you read through the terms and conditions of your travel insurance. This will help you know if they cover such events.

Rental cars are offered to clients who have a basic accident cover. This covers the hired vehicle and not any other property that may be damaged.

Excess, Bonds And Insurance

A lot of questions have been asked regarding this issue. The rental vehicle may include a car, a mini-bus, camper van or a four wheel drive for an instance.


For cars, customers have questioned about excess which can be a bit high. There is actuall an added excess or fee for single vehicle crashes.


There are companies that require a bond and may somehow ask you to pay up front with your credit card. When your credit card is swiped, the CC receipt is with the company until such time the vehicle is returned undamaged.

Keep in mind that when a company asks payment of the bond the vehicle should be returned undamaged. Then you could lose on exchange rates and that can add to significant amounts to your overall vehicle hire expenses.

Sydney’s Premier Car Hire Company

Keegan Pillay is the Chief Executive Officer of A2B Car Rentals. Founded in 2005, A2B head office is located in Sydney, Australia. In such a short time, we have already been recognised and awarded by Tourist Australia as the “Best Value Car Rental Company” for our competitive rates and excellence of service in Australia for the year 2005.

Our company, A2B Car Rentals, is bolstered by local expertise and low overheads which allows us to offer competitive car rental rates. Booking your car rental in Sydney is fast, efficient and easy with A2B Car Rentals. We do airport pick up and drop off from first flight to your last flight.

Visit our website for your car rental needs and choose from an array of fleet we have for you. Contact us now 02 9689 3889!

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A2B Car Rentals not only provides you with some of the cheapest car rental rates in Australia but also excels with the additional customer service not provided by other Sydney car hire companies.

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