Together We Are Impacting Lives

Every time someone hires a vehicle with A2B Car Rentals,

something great happens in the world.

A2B Car Rentals Managing Director, Keegan Pillay is passionate about giving back, service to others, and making the world a better place for everyone.

As a member of B1G1 Business for Good, A2B Car Rentals is able to bring about positive change in communities across the world and in the daily lives of those in need through our everyday business transactions.

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A2B Car Rentals Giving Impacts To Date

A2B Car Rentals Giving Impacts To Date

BIG1 Giving Impacts To Date

BIG1 Giving Impacts To Date

Our Impacts

We choose to partner with Buy1Give1 to make a positive impact on lives around the world through our everyday business endeavours. Every time you decide to hire a vehicle with us, we make a contribution, on your behalf, to one of the projects in Buy1Give1.

To date our valued customers have helped us

  • School books for orphaned children in Thailand
  • Bricks towards building a school in Kenya
  • Access to life-saving clean water in Ethiopia and Malawi
  • Provide income generating tools in Bangladesh
  • Education support for orphans in Cambodia
  • Provided hay to farmers in Australia

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We believe that as a successful local business we have power to change lives and be a force for good through our business endeavours.


Like us, you’ll be able to say, “Every time someone does business with us, something great happens in the world”.

When you join B1G1 using this code  BM08832 you will will automatically receive Giving Credits to kick-start some really smart giving.

Together we can make a huge impact.

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